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All donation proceeds are directed to our efforts in supporting displaced people in the Downtown Vancouver Eastside. Different amounts of donations can help in different ways, but any amounts is appreciated.
woman providing food for homeless woman
icon of half a sandwich
$5.00: Makes 5 filling sandwiches.
icon of a full sandwich
$10.00: Makes 7 filling sandwiches.
icon of a food bag
$20.00: Makes 10 Hearty Lunch Packs.
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$50.00: Buys 1 Events Biodegradable Packaging.
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$100.00: Provides 70 hot or reheatable boxed meals.
icon of event
$100.00+: Can help us fund out next major event!
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Food Donations

Any and all foods can be donated by scheduled dropoff. Restaurants can collaborate with us through our restaurant 0 food waste program. If you're not sure where to start, our cofounder Evan Reeks can provide consultation. Evan has over 10+ years of culinary experience and worked as head chef at various major food venues.

Cooking Equipment

From that box of extra pots & pans in your storage, that bread-maker you got for Christmas that you used once, to that smoker collecting dust in your garage, we’re always in need of new & used cooking equipment! Let us put your unused kitchen gadgets to good use!
woman providing food for homeless woman
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Send us a donation.

If you are unable to volunteer, you can still donate directly to our charity. Please don't hesitate to send us a message for inquiries!
We ask for all donations to be sent by e-transfer to [email protected]