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Our Story

The Heart Tattoo Society loosely started at the beginning of the April 2020 Pandemic. Evan constantly found excess food products due to lack of business at resaurants. At first, we distributed those meals to those in need. Eventually, the excess food products ran out and we partnered with the Cannabis Substitution Project to provided weekly meals every Thursday. As we expanded, we partnered with the Overdose Prevention Society by providing Holiday meals for Christmas, Valentines, and Easter, as well as 2 sandwich drops a week to their 3 locations.

Once OPS had their outdoor consumption site established, we began helping with their Monday BBQ’s which does about 300 servings every week. We eventually switched partners from the Cannabis Substitution Project to Smoke Signals which are 3 doors down from each other. We’ve remained consistent with our food distribution every Monday (OPS BBQ), Thursday (OPS Sandwich Drop, and Smoke Signals Hot Meals), Sunday (OPS Sandwich Drop), and major Holidays (OPS Holiday Meals) with the help of volunteers!

profile picture of managing director evan reeks
Managing Director

Our devoted chef and the man in charge of the very considerable amount of food donations Heart Tattoo Society is grateful to receive every week gets most excited when he can smell a new opportunity to expand their business - meaning ways to help the community - as well as a delicious dish.

Work and life are the same thing when they flow as they have been for Evan since stepping onto the path that HTS has taken him on. Putting all his past experiences into this endeavor has allowed not only Evan to realize that this, somehow, has become “the path of least resistance - despite the hardships”, but is also allowing Heart Tattoo Society to help more people every single week.

profile picture of managing director mackenzie baxfield
Managing Director

She has what we like to call “the Script” down pat, without losing the care - or the chill vibes: Mackenzie can tell you all about food recovery and how it helps keep people alive in 45 seconds, while handing out freshly cooked grub to hungry folks. Not only is she the beating heart of Heart Tattoo Society, she also takes care of the job nobody else likes doing, yet is an essential aspect of every thriving organization (i.e. data entry) and coordinates the growing number of enthusiastic volunteers.

profile picture of managing director roman ansari
Managing Director

With only $1100 and the clothes on his back, Roman Ansari arrived in Vancouver seeking asylum. Being granted asylum and eventually a Canadian home in Septmeber 2019, his motive was to pass on the grace he was given. His mission came into alignment upon meeting Evan and Mackenzie. Heart Tattoo Society began its journey in becoming an official non profit. The next milestone for Heart Tattoo Society is to become a thriving Charity, in which forming community and taking non-violent direct action to change society goes hand in hand. As Managing Director, Roman currently serves as the President of the Board and oversees the legal, finance, compliance, grant, mentorship and the educational sector for Heart Tattoo Society.

Organizational Partners

Other Sponsors: Smoke Signals, DTES Distribution Hub, DTES Community Kitchens Network

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