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Businesses and restaurants can partner with us through a 0 waste food program! If there is ever an excess of food that you cannot sell, instead of throwing it away, we can ensure that it is fed to the marginalized people of the DTES. Please contact us to learn more!


Charities with food or event related programs can partner with The Heart Tattoo Society to achieve common goals. If you have an idea to collaborate, send us a message. We're always open to new ideas!


Whether it is for a project, volunteer hours, or just for the fun of it. We have many opportunities for students of most ages to help serve the community. Contact us and let us know how we can help make this process fun and easy. 


We are always looking for talented individuals with a passion for helping community. The volunteer experience is not limited to food service. If you have any unique skills that you would like to offer, we are excited to hear about it!

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Heart Tattoo Society is starting to offer catering events. Now you have the opportunity to contribute to a cause and treat your staff to an amazing meal experience. Best part, all profits go towards filling stomachs.. and not lining pockets. With all profits going towards our community meals programs, and all staff hired from our experienced DTES food program team, you can assure we are always coming in with your best interests in mind.  With 50+ years of combined event and catering experience, we will.ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Drop us a line to [email protected]  and book your next function.

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If you are unable to volunteer, you can still donate directly to our charity. Please don't hesitate to send us a message for inquiries!